Jessica was born in Toronto. A graduate of the University of Toronto and the Ontario College of Art and Design, Jessica also holds a Master of Fine Art from University of Calgary, and a Bachelor of Education from Memorial University, Newfoundland. She has also studied in Paris and London, and exhibited throughout Canada and abroad. She now divides her time between studios in Toronto and Newfoundland.

Jessica works in a wide range of media including mixed media on mylar and on paper as well as printmaking and installation. Her work explores the human condition through the representation of the body and visceral experience. She depicts the body not as a fixed or contained entity but as something constantly changing, yet still interconnected with their environment.

One of the major themes of my art is the changing nature of what we think of as "real".

Her artwork captures the layers of the body, the recurring patterns of nature, the fusion of the internal and the external - bones, skin, viscera, roots, earth, water - to illuminate the human condition.